Just how badly does the Chronicle Suck?

How bad does the Houston Chronicle suck? I mean aside from bad enough to make me cancel my subscription and constantly refer to them as the Bozonicle? Well, just for fun, I typed “Houston Chronicle Sucks” (with the quotes) into Google. The result was three pages of hits, some of which appear below.

Critques of Editorials weighs in with this 2002 post: I was down in Houston this weekend and I must say that the A section (the front page and the rest of the first section of pages) is the worst I have ever seen in a newspaper. About 80% of it is ads. There is far too many small articles or briefs and not enough real articles. It only takes 10 minutes to read the whole thing cover-to-cover.

MobilePodcast chimes in with a recent note: I cancelled my subscription to their printed paper last week, and tonight I have cancelled my subscription to their RSS feeds. But it’s not a passing fancy: The Houston Chronicle sucks – 75% of section “A” is advertisements. It really must be depressing to know, as a reporter for the Chronicle, that you are only there to fill the space that cannot be sold…

Back in 2004, PopTop remarked in a 7/6/04 (6:29pm) posting on a thread at AddictSports: And the Houston Chronicle sucks just for having Mr. McSuckalot on their payroll, as well as countless zillions of prior offenses in my eye. They suck, and they belong in this thread since this is the Suck Bad Thread.

Raider Power decided to require me to register to see the full text of what they had to say, so I blew them off. But Google had this nice excerpt: The Houston Chronicle sucks, its unfortunate they cooked their circulation numbers to put the superior Houston Post out-of-business. Then I remembered the Wayback Machine and checked to discover the REAL problem with the Chronicle: It hires Aggies!

Aggies apparently don’t know how to write, which lead to this headline being royally Farked: Village has one outhouse, but it’s net-capable

On 3/10/05, Fumus remarked, while discussing tennis: Andre lost his first round match against Ivan not Mario…this Houston Chronicle sucks…they worse than Yahoo. This lead to Debstah’s reply: yea, Fumigator, they’re really bad. The paper is sort of a laughing stock in the city. At school in Houston, we used to get this paper, and also the Dallas paper – most people read the Dallas paper instead of the Chronicle :lol: Now that’s insulting!

Onn 6/2/2003, Powda seems to be setting the tone for sports fans and the Chronicle, as he knocks the relative Dallas coverage while discussing fantasy football: we have a nationally renowned writer like mc clain here in houston and he would rather write about the cowboys then the home team. i hate to rehash something thats already been talked about here ,but i guess im still chapped. i say we burn ‘em down and bring back the post…

During the heated election campaign, on 9/20/04 (during the Rathergate fiasco), BojanglesPaladin took a sideswipe againt the Chronicle while everyone Fark-dogpiled Reuters: Oddly, in the 4th largest city in the country, there is only ONE major newspaper. They bought out the other and fired all the staff a few years ago. Houston Chronicle sucks. Has a STRONG bias to crapiness.

While discussing being an Amerindian in October of the same year, FunkFeathers1 posted an addendum to his prior post specifcally to note: plus, forgot to add, i use this board for my politics and news sources, cuz the Houston Chronicle sucks man. Ok, I can’t be responsible for anyone getting their news from a discussion board. Man, now that’s sucky.

And finally, no one should be surprised to find out that people who link to the Conservative Geeks think the Chronicle sucks: These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: houston chronicle sucks. Now that I’ve observed that through the action of linking it, does it mean that people who link to people linking to the Convervative Geeks think that the Chronicle sucks, or people who read links of people who link to Conservative Geeks think that the Chronicle sucks, or people that read people who link to Conservative Geeks….

Oh, never mind. I think I see the trend here. Conservatives, people who want information, and sports fans agree: the Chronicle just sucks. Maybe there’s something to that whole “NASCAR dad” thing after all…

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