Co-incidental Oddities

Two of the several animé fansubs I’ve downloaded recently are Inukami and Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. (The latter translates as “Beat-to-Death-Angel Dokuro-chan” and it’s about that bad after the first couple of episodes). What caught my attention was that Dokuro-chan sounded really cute, and that I liked Hikari, the theme song to Inukami. After some thought, I decided that the lyrics were nicely romantic at the start, but the tune, while above average for the medium, wasn’t that great. It was the soft voice that I liked, so I checked out who the singer was. Lo and behold, the singer of Hikari (and voice of Yoko/Youko), Horie Yui, was also the voice of Dokuro-chan. I kept reading, and it turns out she’s got a very long resumé, some of which I recognized.

Have checked out but not bought or seen:
Ayu Tsukimiya in “Kanon” (video game, special, and both series)
Bottle Fairy (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED) (eps 7 – 9, 13), Theme Song Performance (OP), VA of Sarara.
Love Hina as Naru Narusegawa in all versions; OAV Theme Song Performance; X’mas Special – Silent Eve Theme Song Performance (ED)
Negima! Theme Song Performance (OP3, OP8, ED4) and VA of Makie Sasaki
Immortal Grand Prix (TV 2) as Fantine Valgeon (actually, I’ve seen parts on CN).

Stuff I really liked:
Sister Princess : Theme Song Performance (OP) & VA for Sakuya (she was the clothes-horse that kept coming on to Wataru.)
Mars Daybreak as Megumi Higashibara (the kid psychic).

And that’s just a fraction of her listings. She was even a minor character in a Cowboy Bebop episode.

I had really liked the OP for Sister Princess; it was one of the best things about the show. She’s definately someone to watch (or listen to, I suppose). I’m bumping Negima! up from a “maybe one day” to a “perhaps soon” just on her basis. I need to find out if her character’s minor, or has enough screen time amongst the 30 girls in that show.

And yeah, she’s cute.

2 thoughts on “Co-incidental Oddities

  1. Steven Den Beste

    She is cute.

    The first thing I ever noticed her in was Fruits Basket. On the first three DVDs of that series, there are specials where she interviews one of the other cast members, so there’s a lot of video of her talking.

    She’s an excellent actress and quite versatile, which means that her parts are all over the map in terms of personality and how they sound. For instance, after her Tohru (Fruits Basket) I would have figured her to have been cast as Kururu in Bottle Fairy. But they gave her Sarara instead, and she was excellent. She was also totally unrecognizable. I didn’t realize it was her until I looked at the credits.

  2. Ubu Roi Post author

    The only other seiyuu I’ve really noticed before now is Ayako Kawasumi, who does Lafiel’s voice, as well as Chikage in Sister Princess. It gets my attention every time, even when I don’t recognize it. I just went back to her ANN listing to verify her name, and what do I notice, but that she was also in Dokuro-chan as (who else) Shizuki, the romantic interest! I wonder if the two of them have the same agent or something, because they appear in the same series surprisingly often.

    Well ok, that’s not quite true, I definately noticed Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya) after ep. 12 of the series, so I guess that makes Yui the third. All three are a “+” for any series I’m considering

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