Don’t Be Evil (Until You’re One of the Big Boys)

If someone asked me to pick two international entities that I don’t trust in the least, at the top of the list would have to be the United Nations. I’d be hard pressed to find a good second choice that obvious, but I would probably settle for Google, which I have long called “the Chinese Opressors’ Search Portal.”

Well, now they’ve cinched that second place, by playing footsie with the first-place finisher.

Google “disappears” critic of it’s UN Partner.

Go. Read. Be disgusted that any so-called “American” company would engage in such chicanery. And understand why I trust no company on the internet.

2/20/08: And this pales beside the actions of the California Federal District Court which has ordered the internet registrar to de-list their domain and park it until further notice. Significant First Amendment problems with that, obviously. Idiot judge.

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