Galveston Mayor Flubs Again (Edited)

After spending two days trying to empty her island, Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas abruptly reversed herself and told residents, “Ya’ll come on home.” Well, she meant for only six hours, to “look and leave” but predictably, since she didn’t have the brains to establish a rotation or any other type of control, everyone tried to head home at once. There is now a two-mile long traffic jam on on I-45 (as of an hour ago) with residents trying to get to Galveston. TxDoT is not happy.

Our resources are not able to get through,” said TxDOT spokeswoman Raquelle Lewis. “We have National Guard sitting in traffic, we have our crews sitting in traffic, we have FEMA resources sitting in traffic.”

I’ve (mostly) been restraining myself from being overly negative about glitches and problems, because this is a huge, huge disaster and it’s not like we get to rehearse for things of this magnitude. I do not want to be “stuck on stupid” like certain members of the press. But this is just damn idiotic political fear–she’s probably afraid of the backlash from disgruntled homeowners.

But how many of the people who get home will refuse to leave? She was just getting her city emptied out, and now it’s going to fill right back up with people needing ice, water, and food. She’s going to end up forcing Governor Perry to declare martial law and send in the National Guard to remove people by force, if she’s not careful.

Update: And the comments are even stupider:

Lmaris wrote:
Why did it take 2+ days after the storm for these “emergency” vehicles/personnel to attempt to enter Galveston island?
why weren’t these items/people stationed closer to the area so it wouldn’t take days to arrive? How long are people expected to stay away from their homes in shelters that don’t have food or beds?

SomeDude713 wrote:
us dang helicopters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough money to own? RENT!

You remember the good ol’ days where everyone helped themselves and didn’t sit around squalling that the gubbermint should have had food, water, and debit cards in their hands within hours?

EDIT: the remainder of this update really didn’t fit the original thrust of the article, so I’ve broken it off into the next post.

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