Scamminating the Peasants (er, Taxpayers)

Just in case you didn’t think we could home-grow these sick bastards here. (Edit: you know, this is so perfectly stupid, I almost have to believe it’s a fake.)

I got Schlotsky’s today for lunch and went again to the courthouse in Baytown to get my water, ice, and food. This time, there were different meals, but hopefully as good as the others. Then, i came home, emptied my trunk and then headed off for the Deer Park POD (Point of Delivery).”

“I think that I am falling in love with MREs. They are pretty darn good. I went around 5:30 to go get more MREs and actually got another box of real MREs, water, and ice.”

Jacki, a teacher in Baytown, is spending her days scamming free eats that we, the taxpayers, have provided. And bragging about it in cyberspace.

“Life is great after a hurricane when nothing really happened to your house!” Steinhauer says in her blog, “The Secret Life of an Uninteresting Teacher.”

She’s already taken down her blog (after claiming not to have taken anything she wasn’t entitled to, and that it was all really for her boyfriend), but someone else grabbed her posts before she could wipe the blog, and put them here.

Why is she doing this? Well, from her posts it appears she accidentally ended up in a POD line, and once she figured out how easy it was, she went crazy. But still, why would she do that? Because she felt — wait for it — entitled.

Also, I registered with FEMA to get some money. I was pissed during Rita that I got no money, even though I had tons of expenses. I was not a property owner at that time, but now I am and I want my money from Rita. If these other people can get money, I can too. There are not enough damages to make a claim on my homeowners’ insurance, so this would really help out. We are just going to have to replace a couple of windows, at least the glass portion of it. My deductible is over a thousand dollars, so it is so not worth it.

Hello. Ms. Stupid Fucking Greedy Bitch? I was a homeowner during Rita, and I had expenses from the evac too. Not one dime reimbursed by the government, and I would be insulted if they did. Not their job to deal with life’s curveballs and make every boo-boo better.

Oh, but it gets better. Listen to this rant:

Also, with my parents, my grandma was killing me. I was concerned about my house. She kept on talking about her trailer. My brother and brother-in-law both said that it was fine, but she desperately wanted to go over there. She kept on saying that she just wanted to stay at her house eventhough she would have no electricity. She kept on egging things on and it was driving me crazy! As I am writing this, I realize that I have left my mother by herself. I feel so sorry for her. My grandma does not like her and whenever they get something new, it always goes back on my mom somehow. Either my dad only cares about my mom, my mom always wants new things, or something else crazy like that. my mom didn’t do anything to my grandma except for marry my dad. She has not liked any other the other women that my dad was married until after the divorce. My grandma even brought up how my dad’s first wife took everything that he had after the divorce. My grandma is crazy. I wish that I could have had my mother stay, but she wouldn’t stay behind without my dad, so she had to leave and I really wanted to stay at home. I will call her tomorrow and talk to her.

You know, after reading that paragraph, I was originally assuming she is of a particular ethnic persuasion. Yeah, that one. The one we call “White Trash.”

Does that make me racist?

(And dammit, I’m still taking time off from hurricane-blogging!!!)

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